There is a trend now among companies in placing greater emphasis on employee health and wellness. One reason for this emphasis has been the upheaval in people’s lives caused by the pandemic. Workers have become more aware and concerned about their physical, mental, and emotional health after going through the turmoil of the past several years.

In one study of Australian workers, nine out of ten said their physical, mental, and emotional well-being are just as important as their salary.

Research has shown that there are some fairly simple management practices that companies can follow to increase employee well-being. Here are a few.

1. Making connections

People do better work when they are in a supportive environment. Managers need to encourage their team members to support and respect each other, which will lead to better efforts at problem solving and innovation.

2. Fairness

Fairness is fundamental to maintaining employee well-being. Workers need to feel that they are all being treated in the same way, that no one is receiving special treatment and that everyone is pulling their own weight.

3. Autonomy

Managers need to show that they have faith in their employees. Supervisors need to show their team members that they trust their judgment and professional expertise. Managers need to give their workers the autonomy to make their own decisions and follow a course of action that they deem to be best. Micromanaging should be avoided.

4. Growth

Managers can foster employee well-being by enabling workers to grow in their jobs. This can be done by additional training or by providing them with new responsibilities and challenges to help them learn as well.

To foster well-being, the challenges that confront employees need to be difficult enough to help them grow and learn in the job, but not so onerous that they are overwhelmed and more prone to burnout.

Moreover, team members themselves should meet regularly to discuss ways that they can improve their well-being. They need to talk about how they can build on the positive practices that they have in place and how to handle negative issues and problems that crop up.

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