Where We’ve Been…
Where We’re Going

When Sy Kaye established Winston Resources in 1967, he had every intention of only serving a small niche – providing full-time professionals to the apparel and textile industry. Fate had other plans, though.

Soon after founding the company, clients began asking Sy to find employees for office and accounting positions. They simply didn’t want to have to work with another firm to fulfill all their staffing needs. With the mindset that the “customer is always right,” Sy began recruiting talent for full-time accounting and office/clerical positions, but he didn’t stop there.

As the company’s clients faced new business challenges, Sy found new business solutions for them, branching out into areas such as temporary staffing. He also created various specialty divisions to help clients manage issues like payroll and recruitment advertising. In addition, he opened up several branch locations throughout New York and New Jersey in order to meet an increasing demand for staffing services.

Over the next four decades, Winston Resources continued to morph from a one-man show serving a niche industry into a comprehensive personnel recruitment organization with hundreds of clients, a staff of more than 80, and thousands of successful placements.

While Winston Resources has certainly grown and changed over the past four decades, the company mission has – and will – always remain the same: providing high-quality candidates and comprehensive staffing solutions.