Payrolling Services

Eliminate the burden of payroll administration.

Through Win-Temp, our payrolling services division, we will assume the responsibility for your entire payroll process, so you can turn your attention to managing your core business. Our payrolling service is ideal for part-time and full-time employees including: staff for special projects, contract workers, interns, students, freelancers, retirees and laid off employees. Once you put your employees on our payroll, we will handle all payroll deductions such as: Social Security (F.I.C.A.), unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, disability insurance and administrative costs. You’ll still have total control over the screening, hiring and managing of your staff – Winston Resources will simply handle all payroll-related functions. Win-Temp can handle from 1 to 1,000 employees with 50 state capability!

Complete Staffing Solutions

Winston Resources offers one source for all your staffing needs.