We all fall victim to it at some time or another. We get distracted from our work, either by something in our environment, or because we lose our focus and concentration for one reason or another.

Staying on Schedule

The best way to stay on schedule is to block out periods of time on a daily calendar. This way you know what you should be doing and exactly when you should be doing it.

Many people still rely on the traditional to-do list. But research has found that this method really isn’t the best way to plan your day. It really doesn’t help you to stay on task, and unless you prioritize the tasks on your list, you can’t be sure you’re doing the most important things first.

But blocking out time on a schedule helps you know exactly how you want to spend your time, and you know you’re spending it on what you need to do.

But sometimes distractions still occur, and you may wonder what you should do if you end up being distracted for a period of time. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t abandon the schedule

The best thing to do if you get off track during one block of time is to get back on schedule during the next block of time.

What you should not do is try to reconfigure the entire schedule for the day in an attempt to make up for the time lost. This actually creates more problems than it solves. To begin with, you are using up time to redo your entire schedule, and this in itself is a big waste of time.

Also, if you are routinely changing your schedule, it defeats the purpose of having a schedule to begin with. Moreover, you begin to look at the schedule as something fluid and malleable. So then it becomes virtually useless.

What you need to do instead is simply move on to the next task that you have blocked out on your schedule. Don’t be concerned that you were not able to spend the amount of time you had planned working on the previous task.

2. Review your schedule

At the end of the day, take a look at your schedule again. Consider if you need to make changes or not, depending on time constraints and your priorities. Think about what led to your distractions during the day and what you can do to avoid this in the future.

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