During job interviews, companies are evaluating candidates to see if they would be able to perform well in a job. But the interview is essentially a two-way street. Job candidates, in addition to trying to sell themselves to the hiring manager, need to be evaluating the company as well.

You need to be sure that the company will be a good fit for you before you sign on. Otherwise, you are likely to be miserable in the job and your tenure at the company is likely to be rather short. You don’t want that, and the company certainly doesn’t want that.

As you are interviewing, you should be aware of certain things during the interview that are signs that the company may not be the best place to work, red flags that should immediately put you on guard. Here are a few.

Compensation issues

Before the interview, you should do some research about what the general salary range is for the type of job you are interviewing for. This will help you during salary negotiations.

But if the hiring manager quotes a salary that is well below what is usually paid for the job, this should immediately put you on the alert. A company that values its workers is willing to pay them a competitive salary. So if the salary the company is offering is not in line with its competitors in the industry, you should think long and hard about working there.

Management problems

If during the interview, the hiring manager and others at the company seem to be disorganized or unprepared, this is another red flag to watch out for. For example, no one is there to meet you when you arrive at the interview, the hiring manager has not looked at your resume and has no questions prepared. And he is tight-lipped when you ask about the operations of the company and its management.

Turnover issues.

High turnover at a company should sound alarms. It’s not a good sign when workers don’t stay at the company very long. You need to find out why the turnover is so high, and seriously consider whether you want to work at such a place.

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