Going through a hiring process to fill an open position can be as anxiety producing for the employer as for the job candidate. The employer is under time constraints, and needs to find someone who can do the job and work with other members of a team. A bad hire can cost a company a lot of time and money. Here are some guidelines employers need to follow to ensure they make a good hire.

1. Don’t be pressured into hiring too quickly

You certainly need to stick to a schedule during your hiring process, but you should not simply grab the first person that looks good because you are under pressure to get the position filled. You don’t want to rush through it. You need to take the time to make sure the job candidate will be a good fit with the company.

2. Be sure to check references

The candidate may have a great resume and performed well during the interview. This may lead you to think reference checks will be redundant. But you should still check them. References can give you vital information about a candidate’s work ethic, performance under pressure, and ability to work with others.

To really get the most from reference checks, draw up a list of questions in advance and take notes. You can also ask references for the names of other people who worked with the person to get candid responses. And when talking with former supervisors, always ask them if they would hire the person again.

3. Pay attention to fit

Fit means more than just whether the person has a friendly personality, someone who is a good dinner companion.
When hiring, it is important to ascertain if the values of the job candidate align with those of the company. This will help to ensure that the person will perform well in the job and stay with the company.

4. Evaluate the person’s skills

Naturally, the job candidate is going to say he or she has the skills for the job, but to be sure, you need to put the person through some type of performance evaluation to actually see if he can do the job. He should do a task that is an integral part of the daily routine of the job. Psychometric assessments are also useful.

5. Involve managers

Managers need to understand what the company is looking for in new hires and be able to evaluate job candidates based on that knowledge. Managers should be able to clearly define the skills and knowledge needed for a particular job, know how to interview candidates to identify those skills, and make decisions based on values and goals of the company.

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