There is a right way and definitely a wrong way to quit a job. When you leave, you don’t want to do it in a way that burns any bridges or does damage to your career. Here are some things to avoid when leaving.

1. Using the possibility of leaving as a bargaining chip

This more often than not backfires. First of all, if you are so quick to want to leave, it tells your supervisor that you are not all that engaged with your job. And even if you receive a counter-offer from the company, your relationship with your supervisor will be different.

Think about why you really want to leave. Is it because of money or lack of responsibility? If that is the case, try negotiating for these things first rather than bringing up your willingness to leave.

2. Informing your colleagues before your boss

Even if your coworkers are discreet about the information and keep it under wraps – and that’s a big if – it will make things awkward with your supervisor if he or she finds out you told everyone else about your leaving before him.

The professional and appropriate thing to do is to tell your supervisor first. This will give him time to decide how to break the news to the staff and answer their questions.

3. Not giving enough notice

The usual amount of time for giving notice is two weeks, three or four for more senior level positions. And make sure you are giving your best effort right up until the last day.

4. Not tending to your network

Your colleagues and supervisors are an integral part of your network, and you need to maintain good relations with them. So, before you leave send them all an email telling them how much you enjoyed working with them and how much you have learned from working with them.

Compliment them on your social media sites, mentioning how they helped you and what you admire about them. This will help to maintain good relations.

5. Criticizing the company after you leave

This is unprofessional and it will affect your reputation. It may also get back to the people you worked with at your former company, which will burn your bridges.

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