You have submitted a job application. Now the wait begins. Time passes, and you hear nothing. You wonder, should you contact the hiring manager for information? The short answer is yes. In fact, following up can work to your advantage by showing your interest and enthusiasm in the position.

In a recent survey of human resource managers by a California staffing agency, the response was unanimous – they all recommended checking on the status of the application. One-third of the managers surveyed suggested making contact one week after submitting a resume, while another one-third suggested between one and two weeks. Another one-fourth recommended two to three weeks.

About two-thirds of the managers also said that email is the best way to follow up, while about one-fifth recommended a phone call.

When following up, here are a few tips;.

1. Send your email about two weeks after submitting a resume

Keep the message clear and short. Also, put the name of the position you are applying for and your name in the subject line so the hiring manager can see immediately what the email is about. Begin your text with a greeting using the hiring manager’s name.

2. Show your interest

Use the opportunity to state again what you like about the company and its mission and what contribution you can make. Again, keep the message short and to the point. Also, make sure to check your spelling and grammar.

3. Ask what’s next

Also in the message, ask the hiring manager what the next steps are in the process and when people will be contacted about being interviewed.

4. Don’t overdo it

Avoid sending a lot of emails. You don’t want to become a nuisance. If you send an email and get no response after a few days, you can send another as a follow up. If you still hear nothing, it is probably time to move on. Although your effort failed, you can take solace in the fact that your probably don’t want to work at a company that has so little consideration for applicants.

5. Avoid discussing salary

Your follow-up email is not the place to bring up salary. It is still too early in the process.

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