A company’s brand is its reputation, the values it embodies. It’s the image people have when they hear the company’s name. It is the defining qualities of the business. How a company responds to events can have a big impact on its brand, and that certainly holds true for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

To maintain a positive and respected brand, companies need to show that they are responding aggressively to the threats to employees posed by the coronavirus , and the firms need to make the public aware of the actions they are taking. Branding is important not just for sales, but also for recruiting. A company’s reputation plays a big role in a job candidate’s decision whether to apply there or not. Here are some steps companies can take to handle the pandemic that will also strengthen their brand.

1. A detailed plan of action

Companies should have a well developed plan for responding to the pandemic. The plan should spell out what the firm is doing to protect everyone involved with it – employees, clients, vendors, job candidates. The plan should also detail what changes it will be making in its operations until the pandemic is resolved.

2. Furloughed employees

What is the company doing to help employees who have been furloughed? Some employers with enough resources have been paying employees some portion of their salary while they have been laid off. Some companies who are laying people off are making arrangements with other businesses who are looking for people to hire the furloughed workers.

When the companies decide to bring workers back, the firms also need to address workers’ concerns. The company needs to focus on safety and explain what it has done to ensure returning workers will be safe.

3. Supporting remote workers

What actions is the company taking to support remote workers? Some are simply allowing these workers more flexibility in their work schedules so they have time to take care of increased family and other personal demands. Some businesses are giving remote workers stipends to help cover costs and forming support groups among remote workers.

4. Keep job listings up to date

In addition, put together a web page that explains everything the company is doing to handle the coronavirus and make a connection to it from every other web page.

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