As part of the hiring process, many companies require job candidates to interview more than once. If you are fortunate enough to make it past the first round, you now face the challenge of preparing for the second.

During the second interview, the company representatives will be probing your qualifications in more detail, so you need to be ready for this type of questioning. Here are a few tips on how to prepare.

1. Analyze the first interview

Do an assessment of your performance in the first interview. How did it go? Where did you feel your answers were inadequate? What answers impressed the interviewers? This will help to give you an idea of what you need to focus on in preparation for the next interview, to determine how you will improve on those areas where you fell short.

2. Prepare for more technical and behavioral questions

During the second interview, company reps will likely go into more detail in their questioning about your technical skills. You will also probably hear more behavioral types of questions, asking about what you would do in different situations or how you would handle certain types of problems.

3. Prepare for questions about salary

You are more likely to be asked about your salary expectations during the second go round. One way to approach this question is to ask what the usual salary range is for this type of position at the company. If, however, the interviewer is more insistent on getting a figure, it is best to give a salary range.

You can prepare for a discussion about salary by doing some research prior to the interview. Check on websites like or for salaries of similar kinds of jobs to get some idea of the pay range.

4. Being a problem solver

This is also a good time to pull back from focusing on the job itself to a broader view of the company as a whole. You can show the value you can add by looking at the overall goals of the company itself, the challenges it faces, and then offering solutions to the problems. It will also help to show you have an understanding of the company and its operations.

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