One problem with working remotely is a feeling of isolation, being disconnected from coworkers. To remedy this problem, remote workers rely on networking platforms like Zoom, Slack or Google Hangouts to stay in the loop.

But it now appears that, despite all the communication technologies and efforts to maintain connections, remote workers are becoming invisible to management. In a recent survey of remote workers, many say they are overlooked by management. In a survey of 2,000 remote workers, more than half said they felt neglected since they began working from home.

This lack of feedback is all the more frustrating because almost three-fourths say they are working harder than ever, and it is affecting their motivation.

The Importance of Recognition

What they want is simply a little recognition of the work that they are doing, preferably from a manager or executive. Many said a simple thank you would suffice, or some other simple expression of appreciation. Eighty percent of those responding said such recognition would improve their frame of mind and provide a big boost to their spirits.

This neglect is likely to have a significant impact on productivity because workers say without some acknowledgment of their efforts, they don’t see why they should go above and beyond, to put in extra effort. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Compounding this problem is a similar situation at home for many of these workers. They say their family does not appreciate their efforts either. Almost two-thirds said they feel as if they are taking care of most of the household chores, but it goes completely unnoticed. They simply want a little appreciation from other family members.

In times like these, when people are facing such adverse conditions, companies need to take steps to look out for the mental health of their employees. More than three-fourths of the workers surveyed indicated their mental health is directly connected to how they are treated at work, the acknowledgement of the work they do.

Recognition and rewards are key to helping remote workers thrive. And such recognition is all the more effective when it is delivered publicly. For example, when congratulating an employee for a job well done, a manager can send a group email to everyone in the company explaining what the person did to earn the recognition. Such actions show that the company values its workers, and they in turn are better motivated and more productive.

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