As the pandemic continues to spread, more companies are hiring people for remote jobs. It is an arrangement born out of necessity, but one that, it turns out, has been beneficial for workers and companies. For example, workers like the arrangement so much that two-thirds of those surveyed said they would like to continue working remotely even after the pandemic is over.

Almost all reported being at least as productive at home as they were in the office.

But in order to hire people who are the best fit for remote jobs, companies need to tweak their job descriptions a bit. Here are some of the changes they need to include.

1. Make clear the job is a remote position.
Companies need to make clear right up front that the position is a remote one to prevent any confusion. Simply including the right keywords will accomplish this, words or phrases such as work from home, remote, distributed, or virtual.

2. Make clear what remote means
In other words, is the job completely remote, or do you expect the person to come into the office certain days of the week? You also need to say whether the remote aspect of the job is temporary, just for the duration of the pandemic, or if it will be permanent.

3. Make clear what the work hours are
Many work-from-home jobs offer more flexibility, where employees can do their jobs during nontraditional work hours. The job description should lay out what kind of flexibility the person would have in the job as far as work schedule.

4. Make clear what locations are acceptable
Most people assume that if you have a remote job, you can work from just about anywhere. But this is not always true. Some companies may have restrictions on work locations because of taxes and employment laws. Also, the person may have to live close enough to the office to be able to attend meetings.

5. Make clear what equipment is needed.
You need to describe specifically what computer equipment the worker will need as well as what software he or she will be working with and who will be paying for it. Also, be sure to list the communication platform that the company uses.

6. Make clear what meetings are required.

Even if employees are working remotely, they may be required to attend meetings at various times, and this should be spelled out in the job description.

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