For companies that want to attract and retain the best talent, the focus needs to be on growth and development, rather than just money. That’s what career experts are hearing from younger workers.

Surveys by employment websites are showing that about two-thirds of Millennials prioritize career growth and leadership opportunities over money when considering a job offer. In a tight job market, that is something employers need to know.

Employees want a culture that focuses on career development more than just money.

Leadership Experience

Smart employers are responding to the demand by creating development programs that are tailored to the needs and desires of their workers. But the desire of employees goes beyond simple classroom learning. Giving them information about leadership is not enough. They want the experience that will help them move into positions of leadership.

Some companies are hiring consultants who specialize in delivering such leadership experiences, events that bring together a diverse range of leaders to work with employees in order to provide an experience that is geared specifically toward the workers of that particular company. An important part of the learning involved takes place through collaboration among colleagues.

Creating Loyalty

Some companies might be concerned that workers may use such training as a springboard to a job at a different firm. But their fears are unfounded, according to research. Younger workers are even more engaged when companies lay out their plans regarding employee advancement. Offering leadership learning experiences creates even greater loyalty among employees.

Even if an employee may leave, he or she takes a positive impression of the company with him, which is the best kind of advertising, helping to actually build the company’s reputation.

But it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. To make leadership training effective, the focus has to be on the participants and what training and skills they need to advance. That is why a canned, online leadership training course is not the most effective method.

Companies need to track the participants who take part in these leadership experiences, to find out if they are indeed being promoted and taking on increased responsibilities. To stay competitive in today’s environment, organizations need to let employees know that there is a way forward for people in the company and that there are plans in place for career advancement.

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