2019 is fast drawing to a close. As the year ends, it is a good time to take stock of your company, to do a review and assessment of how things are working and to get ready to hit the ground running in the new year. Here are a few things to look at to make sure you are ready for 2020.

1. The Website

Take a critical look at your website. Is it professional looking and state of the art? Or is some of the information out of date? Does it present your company in the best light? Does it give the impression that you want to give? This is a good time to revamp it if it’s not meeting your expectations.

2. Job Listings

For job candidates, the initial contact with your website will probably be the page with the job listings. What kind of impression does it make? Is it easy to navigate? Easy to read and well organized? is it easily accessible with mobile devices?
How are the job descriptions themselves? Will they pique the interest of job hunters, or are they simply blocks of boilerplate?

3. Email contacts

Even with the dominance of social media, email is still important. This is a great time to reach out to clients and job candidates through email, to wish them season’s greetings and maintain a good relationship.

4. Social Media

What kind of presence do you have on social media? How does it compare with your competition. Are you providing content that is informative and interesting? There are many ways to do this, with blogs. articles, people profiles, and job listings.

5. Job Candidate Experience

This is a good time to review your recruiting and hiring process. The experience should be a positive one for candidates from beginning to end, from the time they apply, through the interview and job offer if there is one. Some human resource experts recommend that company managers go through a mock hiring process themselves to evaluate how candidate friendly it is.
With the tight job market today, it is essential that your experience is better than that of your competitors.

If your company is ready to gear up for 2020 and looking for new people to help do it, Winston Resources can provide the talent you need to keep your company running at its best. Give us a call today.

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