You’ve been at it now for several months, your job search, but you haven’t got much to show for it – few interviews and no offers. And you are wondering why.

The first thing to keep in mind is that job searches usually take a minimum of five to six months, so don’t get too discouraged if you’ve been at it for several months without an offer. But if you’ve been searching that long without any tangible results, you need to evaluate what you are doing and what you could be doing wrong. So, if you are not getting interviews, the reason could be

1. You are spending too much time applying online.

You certainly want to take advantage of online job boards. But you need to realize that the odds of getting a job this way are not as good as other methods, such as networking and targeting specific employers. By all means, use job boards, but spend more time on the other methods because they are likelier to yield results.

2. Your search is too broad

A scattershot approach won’t work. You need to focus on a few specific employers, places where you want to work, and gear all of your efforts toward them. That means researching the company, tailoring resume and cover letter just for them, trying to forge relationships through social media with company employees, and using informational interviews.

3. You are not qualified

Granted, few people have every job requirement listed in job descriptions. But you need to look at the descriptions carefully to see if you have the essential qualifications for the job, the ones that are most important, the ones you absolutely must have.

4. Your application materials are not professional

For example, poor grammar and punctuation or spelling errors, job hopping without explanation, gaps in employment, not listing accomplishments and skills, or not sending a cover letter. There are plenty of good sites online explaining how to craft a powerful resume and cover letter. Read them.

5. You don’t follow instructions

Most companies give instructions on how they want application materials submitted, such as file formats and form of communication – email, job board posting, through career site, for example.

6. Your social media sites are not up to par

Make sure they look as professional as your resume and that they are up to date. You can be sure employers will be checking them out.

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