More companies are now offering flexible working conditions and schedules for their employees in an effort to attract and retain top talent. Surveys have shown that such flexibility is especially important to younger workers.

Giving employees control over their own work conditions does a lot to enhance employee engagement. It has many other benefits as well.

Morale is higher when employees can adjust their schedules to handle family obligations, such as caring for children or parents. Allowing workers the freedom to begin work later in the day can reduce drive time to work and enables them to avoid starting their day negotiating rush hour traffic.

Greater flexibility enables workers to begin their day when they are most ready to work. Some people work better in the morning, while others are night people.

Offering flexible working conditions will enable your company to attract the best people and retain the people you have. It also reduces the amount of absenteeism and workers coming in late.

To be sure a flexible work situation operates effectively, it should meet the following criteria.

1. It should be organized
Workers still need to meet deadlines and attend meetings. They need to meet with supervisors to set goals.

2. You should maintain clear expectations
Even if employees are working remotely, they need to know what the expectations are for their performance.

3. You should communicate often
Managers need to stay in touch consistently with their workers if they are working remotely to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that managers are kept up to date on progress.

4. Employees need to remain accessible.
Even if employees are working from home, they still need to be easily accessible to managers and responding to emails.

5. Use communication software
There are many online platforms now available to help workers maintain communication and to keep each other informed about the status of projects.

6. Get together regularly with employees working remotely
Managers still need to have regular meetings and in-person conversations with employees who are working remotely so that they still feel part of the team.

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