In an effort to attract job candidates, companies include videos about themselves on their websites, giving information about the company, how it operates, what its mission and goals are, and similar news. Many of the videos are top-shelf. They are professionally made at great expense. Companies are assuming that job candidates will be examining these videos closely if the people are interested in working there, and so firms want to make sure their presentations are compelling.

What Job Candidates Look At

But it turns out that these videos may just be a big waste of money. After examining more than 5,000 online company career sites, researchers found that less than two percent of all the people visiting the sites actually looked at the videos about the company. In addition, the researchers found that less than eight percent took the time to look at the career site homepage. The only thing people looked at were job ads.

It turns out that what job candidates want to see most on the website are hiring managers. Candidates said seeing a video of a hiring manager talking about a job is much more likely to get them to apply than just looking at a company video.

Job candidates believe that hiring managers can give them the best information about a particular job. Candidates believe that hiring managers can best explain what the job involves, what the duties and responsibilities are, what the expectations are – the information needed to help the candidate decide if the job is right for him or her.

Surveys show companies know that this is what candidates want. Firms know that hiring managers are the primary source of information for candidates, and yet, despite this knowledge, firms have made little effort to incorporate hiring managers on the websites. At most companies, the first contact candidates have with hiring managers is still at the interview.

A Simple Solution

So, the solution to the problem seems clear – companies need place hiring managers front and center online. It is something businesses can ill afford to drag their feet on, especially in this tight labor market where firms are struggling to find the talent they need.

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