Do your employees know the big picture of your company? If you want your business to be successful, some business people say this is essential for all employees to know.

How Knowing the Big Picture Helps

It will help your business if everyone in the organization understands the big picture and how they fit into it, if they understand the economic, technological, and market challenges facing your business. They need to know the business strategy in more than just the broad outlines, what the company’s core capabilities are and the skills needed for the company to remain competitive in the future.

They need to know what is really involved in creating and maintaining growth that is profitable and ongoing.

If employees do not have this knowledge of the big picture, it can really create problems with morale and employee engagement, which in turn can hurt productivity and customer service.

Crossing the Divide

It is incumbent upon the leaders of the company to translate the intricate concepts of business strategy into the ordinary language of how that strategy can be carried out and to communicate this to the employees. It will enable better decision making among employees because they will be thinking more like owners.

There is now a huge gap between the leaders of companies, who have a vision of what needs to be done, and those who are actually doing things – ostensibly carrying out that vision — but who really have only a murky idea of the big picture.

In trying to get across this gap, leaders need to keep several things in mind. One is that learning needs to take place across the entire organization, and is determined by the overall learning speed of the entire organization. People must understand the why behind the what, the reasons for doing what they are doing.

Communicating with Employees

A way to help people understand the big picture is through a process of visualization. They need to be able to create links between what they know and the new information they are absorbing. They need to be able to think systemically, about the larger operations that determine their individual efforts.

Learning also needs to take place not just through lecturing, but through dialogue. Employees need to learn to ask the right questions, to become involved in the exploration of learning.

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