When preparing for a job interview, candidates focus on how they are going to answer questions from the hiring manager, which is what they should do. However, many neglect the other side of the equation – questions they need to ask themselves.

Most people have heard the common advice of having questions for the interviewer. It shows you have done your homework and your interest in the job. You absolutely need to do it. Some questions will be off the cuff, things you will want to know as a result of your conversation during the interview. Others, however, should be prepared beforehand, and you should give some thought to them.

What to Ask About

The questions should cover the job itself, clarifying to your satisfaction the exact duties and responsibilities and performance expectations. You should also ask about the company, its leaders, culture and values. And finally, you should ask about what comes next, when and how you should follow up, as well as a timeline going forward.

When you are trying to get information, the best kinds of questions are those known as open-ended. They require more than just a yes or no response. For example, asking about the primary challenges and obstacles facing a company would be an open-ended question.

Research and Preparation

And this is another reason why researching the company is so important. It will enable you to ask better, more informed questions. The more probing and knowledgeable your questions are, the more you will impress the interviewer. Throwing out questions off the top of your head in a scattershot approach will do little to help you get the important information you need to help you make an informed decision about taking the job.

Asking good questions will open up a dialogue that may also help you to address concerns the hiring manager may have about you, help you to develop a rapport with the interviewer, help you decide if the company is right for you, show you have done your research, and set you apart from those candidates who fail to ask informed questions.

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