You may have hit a point in your career where things have become stale, where you no longer feel fulfilled or challenged. This may prompt thoughts of change, such as getting another degree, making a move within your company or even looking for a new job.

But sometimes, you don’t have to make a big change in order to reenergize your life and career. There are many smaller changes that you can do to help improve your career situation and bring back the zest and interest you had in the past. Here are a few of those things.

1. Go to a lecture or similar event.
You can find events such as lectures or seminars in your profession or industry by simply checking online. Or you can talk to colleagues and check through professional organizations. You will learn new things, get motivated and meet new people.

And you don’t necessarily have to attend events that are related to your job. Expand your horizons by attending lectures on subjects that are new to you and you want to learn more about. This may also spark new ideas and creativity that will help you at work.

Taking a class online will also introduce you to new ideas and perspectives, expanding your knowledge and view of the world.

2. Volunteer
This is another great way to give your life and career a shot in the arm while at the same time helping the community. You will get to use your skills in new situations and even learn new ones, while at the same time meeting new people.

3. Find a mentor
A mentor is someone who can really help you with your career, giving you advice and ideas that will help you do your job better and find new ways to foster career growth.

4. Read
You should read at least an hour a day on different topics – material in your profession but outside of it also. This too will help inspire new ideas, introduce you to new ways of looking at the world and new perspectives, and add to your knowledge, all of which can help your career.

5. Clean up
Research has shown that people who are more organized are more productive. If your workspace is tidy and organized, you will know where everything is, and it will improve your mood as well.

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