It’s common knowledge that people tend to exaggerate and stretch the truth a little on their resumes. Hiring managers are aware of this. But things become a little more problematic when people begin to put outright fabrications on their job applications.

And the number of people doing this appears to be growing. Some staffing specialists estimate roughly half of all job candidates lie on their resumes. Suffice it to say, if you are considering doing such a thing, put it out of your mind because if an employer finds out, you will be immediately eliminated from consideration. And not only that, it will harm your reputation.

If you are an employer, here are some ways to determine if someone is fabricating statements on a resume.

1. Use common sense and logic
If someone is fabricating something, it will probably seem out of place when looked at in the context of a candidate’s overall background. An achievement, for example, may just look a little too good to be true, or it may not line up with their skill level, or it may seem improbable given the amount of time they were in a particular job.

2. Use the phone interview
Before doing a phone interview, look over the resume to find information you want clarified or augmented. This way you can target your questioning at those things in the resume that appear dubious. As you probe with your questions, the candidate may be more hesitant when speaking about falsehoods in the resume.

3. Use LinkedIn
You can check the candidate’s resume against the information in his or her profile on LinkedIn. The information on LinkedIn may be more accurate because it is in the public domain, where the person’s coworkers and supervisors can see it.

4. Background checks
Doing background checks on job candidates should be standard operating procedure for every employer, although surprisingly there are some who skip this step. If a candidate’s fabrications have somehow managed to slip past other checks, the falsehoods will probably be exposed after talking with a person’s references and former supervisors, as well as with the person’s educational institutions to see if he or she actually attended.

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