Our habits in many ways define who we are. They are the activities we do every day, the things we do almost instinctively because they have become ingrained in our minds and ways of thinking. So, if you want to be successful at work, it is important to develop good habits, Here are a few habits to focus on to improve your performance.

1. Focus on commitment
Many people are enthusiastic about a new task or assignment, but often, that soon wears off. To make lasting change, you need to put yourself in the conditions most conducive to making those changes, and to make sure the changes stick.

For example, change your routine, or tell other people about your new commitment to give yourself momentum to change.

2. Do the important stuff first
The first hour of your day should be spent on the things that matter most. So, plan your day before beginning any activity.

3. One thing at a time
Focus on doing one thing at a time, and focus completely on that task. Do what you can to avoid distractions. If you are having difficulty, shorten the amount of time you spend on that task and force yourself to work on it steadily within a set time period. Then move on to something else.

4. Keep learning
Learning never stops. To really get the best education possible, you have to take the time and make the effort to do it yourself throughout your life. You don’t need to enroll in classes. Just keep reading, stay curious, and listen to those who are knowledgeable.

5. Avoid conventional thinking
A step-by-step logical approach to problems has its place, but to be really creative, you need to look at things from different angles and different perspectives, to make connections you would not ordinarily attempt to make. Rethink the approach you are taking to a problem, rather than simply trying to work harder.

6. Practice mindfulness
It only takes a few minutes a day. Find a quiet spot, sit still for a few minutes, and empty your mind. Focus on just your breathing, in and out. Push any thoughts out of your mind. It will change the way you react to the world and the way you see things.

7. Take breaks
Studies have shown that we can focus intensely on work for only about one hour before we begin to become fatigued. So, it is important to take frequent breaks when working. They don’t have to be long, just five or ten minutes to recharge. But it is important during the break to move around, to get away from the desk.

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