Looking for a job can be stressful and time consuming. It takes a lot of effort and stamina. But there are things you can do to streamline the process, to help you save time and energy and work more efficiently. Here are a few tips to help.

1. Work with a recruiter
Good recruiters can be a big help in the job search. If they work in your industry, they have an established network and can link you up with hiring managers in your field. They also can make suggestions as to how best to present yourself to employers.

2. Have a process
Plan out a step-by-step procedure on how you will research, network and apply for jobs. Create a schedule for all of your job search tasks. There are many applications online specifically for job searches to help you with listing tasks, scheduling, keeping track of applications and storing documents. Keep all of your job search materials and information in one place, so it is easy to access.

3. Use mobile apps
You can use your smartphone for a number of job search tasks, such as emailing, completing job applications, updating your resume and doing video interviews. There are also apps that help you to search for jobs using your smartphone, all of which will help you save time.

4. Make a list of your primary skills
This will help save time when putting together resumes and cover letters. You won’t have to think about them each time you apply for a position.

5. Demonstrate your expertise
With the variety of social media platforms today, there are many opportunities to showcase your knowledge. You can do this through a website or blogging or tweeting. Set up a LinkedIn account where you can set up a profile and also engage in discussion groups. It will make it easier for employers and recruiters to notice you.

6. Target your applications
You cannot simply apply to every job you see on a job board. This is counterproductive and a huge waste of time. You need to target your search to those companies you really want to work for, and take the time to research them and tailor your resume to a particular job at that company.

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