Many in leadership positions believe that, in order to be effective, they have to keep after their employees, to present a stern, no-nonsense demeanor. They feel they need to push their employees and that the stick is more effective than a carrot.

But research has shown that it is possible to have both high performance and a company that is also a fun place where employees enjoy coming to work. There are leaders who are able to promote both – results and employee engagement. Here are some of the skills that these kinds of leaders possess.

1. They know how to give a clear direction and strategy
To perform well, people need to know exactly what needs to be done, the direction they are going, but they also need to know the reasons for going in that particular direction, as well as the plans for reaching their destination. Managers who are able to give their people a clear direction have employees that are more involved and engaged.

2. They know how to motivate their people
To get the best from their employees, good leaders know how to set goals, to inspire their employees, and to push them. But good leaders also have faith in their workers and their desire to do their best. These leaders know how to create enjoyable workplaces and commitment.

3. The know how to create challenging goals
These leaders challenge their employees by setting high standards for achievement. But they set these goals using input from their teams, so everyone has a stake in the outcome. Everyone wants to play their part, and everyone feels valued.

4. They have character.
These types of leaders have integrity, and so their employees trust the leaders. When the leader sets challenging goals, employees, as a result, do not feel mistreated or manipulated because they have faith in the leader.

5. They develop their team.
Good leaders take the time and effort to help their workers with professional development, to help them add to their skills and knowledge, and give them the opportunity to use those skills. Helping workers with career growth also helps to create a more enjoyable work environment.

6. They are always learning
Good leaders also seek feedback from their employees. They want to hear what employees have to say about how things are going. They want to hear complaints as well as suggestions for improvement. Doing this creates a better work environment for employees and increases their engagement.

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