Your resume is basically a sales pitch. You are selling yourself to an employer. So, everything on your resume should be focused toward that end. Like a machine, all of the parts perform their function to allow the machine to operate properly. That means you need to avoid superfluous information or anything that can distract from the resume’s purpose. Here are things to avoid.

The Basics

Make sure there is no personal information, such as age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, marital status. It is illegal for an employer to use this information, and so the company will likely simply get rid of resumes with this information.

You also do not need to provide an address. This is wasted space. The same goes for things like photos, images, and graphics.

Also avoid using personal pronouns – I or me. Again, you are just using up valuable real estate. The hiring manager knows you are talking about yourself.

Don’t try to get to elaborate with the format. Forget the fancy fonts and go with something that is clean and easy to read, such as Garamond, Arial or Helvetica. Also, be consistent with your formatting – use the same font throughout. If you are using bullet points, keep them consistent. Use the same format for all dates.

Make sure the resume is easy to read. Avoid big blocks of print. Write clearly and concisely. Watch grammar punctuation – problems here show a lack of education, attention to detail and professionalism. Watch your verb tenses – present tense for the job your currently have, past tense for previous jobs.

Your Pitch

You need to avoid a simple recitation of job duties and responsibilities. Rather, you need to show how you will make a real impact at the company, to show what return on investment you will provide and how quickly. You do this by highlighting your accomplishments objectively, in ways that are measurable, using facts and figures and examples.

Also, avoid irrelevant information. You may have had jobs in the past that are not related to what you are seeking now, so you don’t need to include information about them. In general, your resume should be less than two pages and should not include more than the past 15 years of work experience.

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