Years ago, people would stay with one company for their entire career, but, as is well known, that is no longer the case. People today change jobs often. Workers today are more focused on career growth than company loyalty. But the economy itself is a driver of job change. As technology advances, companies themselves, especially those in the IT sector, are growing and changing rapidly, and as a result, job roles are changing within those companies.

Workers are looking for jobs that will enable them to put their skills and experience to best use. To do this, it may require a job change. You need to be flexible and network routinely to see what is happening in your industry and where you might best fit in. Here are a few signs that is might be time to look for another position.

1. Things are leveling off
Everyone naturally wants to continue to grow in their job. But sometimes you hit a point where you are not advancing, merely treading water. You get the feeling that in your current position you have gone as far as you can go. As a result, you no longer feel as excited about your job as you once did. There are no challenges. You begin to feel burned out.

These are all signs that it may be time to look elsewhere, either a move to another position at your current company or with another company.

2. You have an opportunity to pursue something you are passionate about
When many people consider job offers, they look at things like salary and benefits and other perks. But what really makes a job worthwhile is doing something that excites you, that engages you, that makes you feel like you are making a difference. If you find a job like that, it may be worth leaving your current position for.

3. Your values and those of your company don’t mesh
As companies grow, or confront market trends and changes, the mission and operation of those companies might change as well. You may find that what you liked about the company – the reason you took a job there – has disappeared.

You may have been a good fit for your job in the past, but not now. The circumstances may have changed or you may have changed. You may find that the skills and knowledge you have are not as essential to the company as they once were.

If that is the case, it may be time to consider looking for another position.

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