Many recruiters these days view job boards with some disdain. They believe that these types of job advertisements are a thing of the past. As technology progresses, they argue that there are now much better ways to target the job seekers they want.

While it’s true that there are now more options open to recruiters, job boards are still popular. More than a third of all jobs are filled using job boards, according to research. They are still useful and necessary to give your company the best chance of finding the talent you need. Here are a few tips on how to make them as effective as possible.

1. Keep them short
Some people believe they have to put every duty and responsibility of the job into the description. But job candidates don’t want to spend the time to plow through dense blocks of print. They typically skim job ads quickly.

Try to keep the ad between one-half and one page, with a few bullets for the main responsibilities of the job.

2. Use conventional job titles
Put yourself in the place of the job seeker. If they are looking for a certain type of job, they are going to use the conventional title for that job. If you try to use a title that is a little more offbeat or eye catching, your ad may be completely overlooked. The job title needs to be searchable.

3. Keep them straightforward
In other words, avoid the temptation to be humorous or sarcastic or attempt to be quirky or creative. This may create a misunderstanding with people who read the ad, or simply confuse them. The best way to write the ad is with language that is clear, simple, and direct.

4. Only use relevant keywords
Some people stuff their ads with as many keywords as they can in an attempt to attract more people. But this amounts to a bait and switch tactic that will only annoy job seekers when they see that the job isn’t really what they thought it was.

Use only keywords that are actually pertinent to the duties of the job itself. This way, people who look at the ad are the ones genuinely interested in the job.

5. Think about the candidates
Some recruiters feel that all they need to do is list what is expected of the person for a particular job, and it is up to the candidates to show how they meet those expectations. But to be effective, job ads need to also show what the job and company can offer the candidate as well, especially in this tight job market.

For example, talking about company culture, opportunities for career growth, and benefits.

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