Leaders at every company like to think that they have a corporate culture that is open, engaging and collegial. But if you allow job candidates to shadow some of your employees, what will the applicants see? Will they see outgoing, friendly, engaged workers, or will they see a lack of teamwork and a lot of complaining?

It’s something worth checking out, because if your culture isn’t what is should be, it could be costing you in new talent acquisition. If your culture is lacking, the leadership needs to set the tone and establish core values for the company and make sure they are an integral part of the business operation.

There are several areas where your culture – or lack of it – will become glaringly obvious to job candidates.

For example, how are job candidates greeted by the receptionist? Does the receptionist give them a warm smile? Does the receptionist know the candidate’s name?

Job candidates will be judging your company by what they see, including the appearance of the employees and the appearance of the workplace. The demeanor of the interviewer is important as well. Just like the candidate, the interviewer should offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, show good posture, and show respect for the candidate.

Another thing companies can do to impress job candidates is to have pictures of employees on the walls. By displaying the photos, the firm shows that it values its workers. Another part of a positive corporate culture that will impress candidates is the willingness among employees to offer assistance. Do your employees ask the candidate if he or she is being taken care of if employees should happen to see the candidate sitting nearby?

Candidates also will notice the atmosphere of the company and the energy of the workers. Will they see some workers hanging out by the water cooler, or others engaged in casual conversation by another worker’s cubicle? Or will they see employees all busy and engaged in some activity?

Corporate culture also should extend to treating workers with honesty and respect, and this applies to job candidates as well. During the interview, you can showcase these values by being honest with the candidate, letting him or her know exactly what the job entails, the good as well as the bad.

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