If your company is struggling to find the people you need, there is one source of talent often overlooked where you may find qualified people — boomerang employees.

These are people who worked at a company, left the company and worked for another employer, and then at some point returned to their original company.

How to Bring Them Back

You may be able to lure former employees back by reaching out to them and keeping them up to date about career opportunities at your company and also by making it easy for them to submit applications for positions.

To attract these boomerang employees, you should set up a portal on your website that is specifically geared toward these people. It should contain a job search platform that shows these former employees opportunities that will fit with their experience, skills, and interests.

You can also connect with former employees to tell him about opportunities at your company through email, social media and your company page on LinkedIn.

Another avenue for contacting former employees is through your managers. They may know of former team members who might be interested in returning to the company, and they may have even maintained contact with these people after they left.

And you can even encourage former employees to refer colleagues or other people they may know for jobs at your company.

Onboarding Boomerangs

When bringing former employees back to the company, you will need to on board them differently from other new employees.

Most people would assume that employees who have worked at the company in the past wouldn’t need much in the way of orientation because they would already be familiar with the company culture and operations. But a lot can change after they have left, even if it’s only been a short period of time.

So the company will need to arrange it’s on boarding taking several factors into consideration– how long the person has been away from the firm, what their job will be at the company, and how different that job is from their previous job.

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