2020 was a tumultuous year for recruiting. The pandemic caused massive layoffs, then hiring sprees, a mass movement to remote work and an increased emphasis on diversity. It set recruiters back on their heels to a degree as they tried to keep up with all the changes.

This year, however, they are moving from a reactive mode to a more proactive stance as they work to put new strategies in place for the future. Here are some of the things they are focusing on now.

1. Diversity

Diversity is a priority in hiring for 2021. Recognizing the value of diversity, employers want to back up their talk with action. Toward that end, they are making changes in recruiting and hiring to facilitate the hiring of a diverse workforce. For example, they are removing certain barriers in hiring that may work against minority workers, such as arbitrary educational requirements.

They are putting the focus on skills rather than educational pedigree.

2. Developing a remote and hybrid workforce

Recruiters are looking for people who can manage and motivate a remote workforce. As the pandemic continues, companies need people who know how to develop and work with hybrid and remote workforces, which are likely to continue even after the pandemic.

3. Using data analytics

Data analysis has now become an important skill for recruiters. They are trying to make the best use of data to drive improvement in recruiting. They are using data to develop metrics for recruiting performance, as well as for sourcing, candidate experience and diversity hiring.

4. Branding

Recruiters are reworking how they tell the story of their company to reflect the changes in the business landscape. Many industries are experiencing big shifts that will influence the kinds of jobs they are trying to fill, so they need to change their message to fit this new reality.

5. Improving ties to hiring managers

Recruiters will also be focusing on using their expertise to assist hiring managers with their task of evaluating job candidates. Companies have of late been expending a lot of time and energy in improving the candidate experience, and many company leaders said they need to focus on the other side of the equation to improve the experience for hiring managers as well.

6. Removing barriers

Companies, particularly those in IT, are placing less emphasis on credentials in the hiring process and more on skill sets. And recruiters will be shifting their focus as well to align with the company’s shift in priorities.

Company leaders are rethinking the traits that make a high performing employee, and these revolve around a sense of purpose, a sharing of company values, and having skills that are important to the company. Education and experience are not the highest priorities in this framework.

Recruiters are taking note, and shifting their talent evaluation accordingly.

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