As the pandemic drags on, it has impacted people’s lives in many different ways. People are suffering from heightened anxiety and stress. Some have lost jobs, while many more are dealing with financial difficulties. Still others are grieving over lost loves ones.

And everyone is trying to cope with social isolation. Here are some ways to deal with this tremendously difficult situation that has been tormenting us for many months.

1. Make sure to exercise

Staying active is not just a good idea, it is absolutely essential for our mental health. Exercise can help boost your mood, for starters. But it does so much more.

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins which circulate in the bloodstream. These hormones help to reduce pain and give a person a feeling of well being. Research has also shown that exercise boosts electrical impulses in the parts of the brain responsible for the processing of emotions.

Simply put, exercise stimulates your brain as well as your body. When you don’t exercise, brain activity decreases. What’s more, exercise causes the production of a protein responsible for helping areas of the brain regenerate.

2. Stop the worry

When we are isolated more and confined, we tend to ruminate on our situation and our problems, Psychologists say we need to stop this. If you have been running a problem over in your mind for 30 minutes or more, and you still cannot come up with any solutions, it’s time to move on.

Most of what we worry about actually never even happens, according to psychologists. So, recognize when you are thinking too much about something.

3. Set some new goals

This will help to give you a sense of purpose and motivation, to take your mind off your situation. It helps you to focus and gives you a feeling of power. It could something big like learning a new language or mastering a new skill, or something small like learning a new recipe.

4. Just do it

Often procrastination is caused by a fear of failure or a fear of not doing a job well. But the lack of activity is actually more of a problem during the pandemic. The key to coping and feeling better is taking action. So, dive in and don’t worry so much about the result. Dare to do it poorly. The key is just to get started. And don’t worry – most of the time you will do it better than you thought you would.

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