More people are working from home, and the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the trend. About 40 percent of companies now have some people who work remotely. This arrangement has its own unique challenges. Here are a few tips for maintaining your productivity while working remotely from people who have been doing it for some time.

1. Use a standing desk.

This is actually better for your health. Americans spend too much time sitting, and health experts say it is actually cutting several years from our life expectancy. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all day standing. It is good to move around occasionally.

2. Go for a walk

This is a great way to take a break, get some sunshine and fresh air. Also, if you need to talk with someone by phone, you can do it while walking.

3. Prepare meals and snacks in advance

Don’t fall into the trap of grabbing whatever is in the fridge or pantry. Put together some snacks that are healthy, such as fruits and vegetables, eggs, chicken or fish to munch on when you get hungry.

4. Focus on results, not hours

Don’t spend so much time focusing on how long you are working. Rather, focus on whether you are reaching your goals.

5. Don’t be rigid about separating work and personal time.

If the two get mixed up occasionally, that’s OK. For example, you may have a brilliant thought pop into your head while reading or watching TV in the evening, or feel the urge to take a morning walk. Don’t ignore the brilliant thought because it’s not during your scheduled work time or the walk because it is.

6. Plan your technology set up

To be most productive, you should have all of your devices equipped with your work apps. Some also recommend connecting your laptop to a large monitor to more easily move between videoconferencing, project management and whiteboarding.

7. Have some fun

Take the time to chat and connect with colleagues to help relieve the stress and make work more enjoyable.

8. Minimize interruptions

When working from home, you may have to deal with more distractions. Try to limit them as much as possible. For example, set aside times for household chores so they don’t interfere with work.

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