The coronavirus is having a huge impact on the way companies do business. In an effort to prevent the spread of the disease, we are isolating ourselves and attempting to maintain social distancing. Governors are mandating shelter-in-place arrangements. To comply with these requirements, companies are changing their recruiting and hiring processes.


The restrictions have led many companies to limit the geographical areas from which they recruit. They are focusing on local candidates first. If they cannot find anyone locally, only then will they expand their search and fly someone in.
Because of the isolation mandates, companies are also focusing more on hiring internally. With all the economic uncertainty, some businesses are instituting hiring freezes for full-time employees, going with contract workers to fill an immediate need.


The pandemic is also accelerating the adoption of video interviews. Companies are using video programs like Zoom and Google Hangouts to interview job candidates. Companies are also more willing to make allowances for candidates who are experiencing more severe hardships because of the pandemic.


The coronavirus is also changing the way companies onboard. As with the interviewing process, they are turning to video meetings to orient new employees. Managers say this new practice does create some new kinds of challenges because it makes it more difficult to establish a personal connection with the new person and develop a rapport.

Companies are responding to this challenge by conducting video tours of their facilities for new people and making more concerted efforts to supply needed resources and information.

The Future

Some business experts see these changes having long-range influence in the future. Before the pandemic, almost half of all companies refused to allow employees to work remotely. Now, almost all companies have little choice but to embrace remote working.

Some observers say this will change a lot minds about the effectiveness of working from home. Companies will see that employees can be just as productive working from home. It will also reduce the overhead costs for businesses, which will also influence attitudes.

Some see a new status quo and predict that in a year, the entire recruiting landscape will look very different because of the changes.

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