More people than ever are working remotely these days, and some companies are encouraging the trend. Working remotely offers a range of benefits to companies and employees – increased productivity, better retention, greater cost effectiveness, and avoiding the hassle of the commute.

But with all its positive aspects, working from home has a few drawbacks as well. It can lead to a feeling of isolation, making it more difficult to collaborate, and harder to maintain a vibrant company culture. Some businesses, however, are trying to address these issues in a number of innovative ways.

1. Digital Coffee Breaks

One company with a large remote workforce tries to bring people together through video calls, creating virtual coffee breaks where employees can talk with each other. The company urges employees to spend a few hours each week on these types of calls.

Workers use digital collaboration platforms such as Slack and Google Hangouts to get together, chat and even share GIFs.

2. Group Talks

Another company uses the video conferencing platform Zoom to bring groups of employees together. But they found that these gatherings work best with a little planning and preparation. At first, it was difficult to get conversations started – either too few people would talk, leading to long silences, or too many people wanted to talk, leading to a babel of voices.

To address these problems, a group leader chooses a topic for conversation, and then establishes a date for when the conversation will take place. This gives people time to think about the topic and come up with some talking points. During the call, people take turns talking.

Employees also bond together by creating videos of their work spaces to share with other workers. This helps coworkers learn more about their colleagues.

These kinds of communication can help to create a strong company culture even if workers are not in the same place.

3. Video Games
Yet another company with a workforce scattered around the world and problems with retention turned to video games to help workers connect and to build a strong culture. Employees play video games together to foster greater cooperation and trust. The games are challenging, forcing the players to navigate through some treacherous situations and collaborate in order to deal with the difficulties and setbacks.

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