The term ghosting is a relatively new one. It is a product of the digital age and how we communicate now. It refers to the act of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone permanently, not responding to any efforts by the other person to reconnect.

And it’s a term that is being used to describe a situation in the business world that is occurring more often, where job candidates who have been interviewed by companies drop from sight without any warning or explanation. Certainly people who engage in such tactics exhibit a lack of consideration and professionalism, whether those people are employers or job candidates.

Nonetheless, if you are an employer, and you find that more job candidates are ghosting you, there may be some reasons for it that you need to look at.

1. The hiring process takes too long.

The average time to hire in the United States is 23 days. If your hiring process is taking even longer than that, candidates may not want to wait that long. Some employers are still working under the assumption that they have all the power in the process, and candidates need to make all the allowances. But in today’s tight job market, there are more openings than applicants, so candidates are not as patient or tolerant when companies drag out the process.

2. Lack of communication

You cannot leave candidates hanging, where they are unaware of their status or where things are at in the process. Companies need to communicate frequently with candidates to keep them up to date on what is going on and how long the process is expected to take.
Candidates who are left in the dark are more likely to simply drop out.

3. The process is too involved

Candidates may not stick around, especially top-flight ones, if you demand too much during the hiring process. For example, they may balk at taking a battery of tests, doing an assignment, and going through multiple interviews.

4. The salary and benefits were subpar.

You made an offer, but the salary you quoted and benefits you offered just were not enough. You need to make sure the wages and benefits are competitive within your industry. Otherwise you will never be able to hire or retain top-notch employees.

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