You’ve been offered a promotion. And that’s generally considered great news. It means you are advancing and growing in your career. And most of the time it’s not something you would even think about turning down. But there are actually times when it might be better to forego the promotion because of other factors in the mix.

Here are some situations when you may want to give serious consideration to accepting a promotion.

1. You are going through big life changes.

For example, you may have just had a child, or are dealing with illness in your family or other health problems. Or there may be other less than ideal family situations. Taking on a new job with everything else going on in your life may just pull you in too many directions.

2. It would entail big changes to your lifestyle

The job may interfere with those things in your life that you deem most important – such as being a good parent or working in the community. Or it may involve extensive traveling, which other family obligations make it difficult for you to do.

3. It doesn’t fit in with your career objectives.

The promotion may take you in a direction that you don’t want to go. Human resource professionals say that you shouldn’t simply take a job because it is a step up if it means giving up what you really want.

4. You don’t want management responsibilities.

The promotion may put you in the position of overseeing other people, something that you are not interested in doing. You may just want to do the kinds of things you are doing now, using similar skills.

5. The pay is not enough.

A promotion naturally will come with increased responsibilities, but the pay increase may not reflect that. If you feel that the pay is inadequate for the position, you can negotiate for an increase, but if the management refuses, you need to know why.

6. The job has a high turnover rate.

This should raise a red flag for any job. If there is a high turnover rate, you need to find out why, and if you don’t like what you find, you should seriously consider turning down the offer.

7. The person you would be working under is bad news.

He or she is just not a good person to work for. He may be unreasonable, condescending, egotistical. There are many ways a person can be a bad boss.

8. You would have to relocate.

Moving for the new job may be too disruptive or burdensome for you.

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