Companies know that employee engagement is important. It plays a key role in the growth and success of any business. Keeping employees engaged is more than just about the money. Just as important is the opportunity employees have for professional growth, important for their own career and for the growth and future of the company as well.

But when companies attempt to put programs in place for employee growth, they often do not work out. That is because businesses attempt to use the same approach for everyone. But everyone is different, with different attitudes and values and needs, so a one-size-fits-all method is not always the best way to go about it. Here are some areas to look at for an effective growth program.

1. Make a plan for each person.
The company needs to make an individual growth plan for each person, one suited to his or her particular needs. People have different goals, so grooming them for higher level positions may not always be the best approach. Some may just want to take on more challenges and responsibilities in current their job.

People respond in different ways as well. Some do better with one-on-one training or workshops. Others prefer online or classroom courses, or reading on their own. Find out what each employee prefers to help with their growth, and then make a tailored development plan for about three months to year.

2. Take employees’ personal life into account as well
Listen to what they say they need to become more productive. It may be something outside of work, such as greater flexibility in working from home to allow them time to take care of family concerns, a wellness program to improve health, or help with financial planning.

Companies should provide counseling in these areas as well to improve work-life balance for employees, which will result in better performance at work.

3. Make learning ongoing
Because the pace of change has accelerated so much, learning has become a continual process for everyone. What employees learn today may easily be out of date in a few years because of technology. Companies need to make learning a part of their operation and production process. Production itself cannot stop, and so the learning process needs to be incorporated into the production process.

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