These days, with the job market so tight, companies are struggling to fill positions, and recruiting has taken on a new level of importance. Finding good people takes more than just posting a job advertisement. Now, it involves a number of different things – from managing the image of the company, to its forms of outreach, to its use of data.

Here are some initiatives your company can take to boost your recruiting and marketing efforts.

1. Developing a company brand
How do job candidates view your company? What kind of image are you projecting? This is important for attracting good people. You need to use all of the digital platforms at your disposal to project the image you want, to show why people want to work for you and what makes your company unique.

2. Pay attention to your company’s reputation online
With all of the digital platforms available to people these days, from social media to employment websites, it is easier than ever for people to offer opinions about your company in the public domain. There is no way to completely control this content, but there are measures you can take to manage your online reputation.

First, you need to keep tabs on what is being posted about your company, and respond to comments that appear online, whether they are positive or negative. If positive, thank the person for his or her comments; if negative, offer to talk to the writer about the issue, or make a commitment to address the issue.

3. Boost referrals
This is a tremendous recruiting tool. Encourage referrals from your employees, customers and vendors. Employees know people in their industry and know if they would be a good fit at your company. People hired as referrals generally perform better and stay longer at a company.

4. Make job ads interesting
Go beyond the standard job ad that simply lists job duties and responsibilities. Use social media and other digital platforms to present videos and pictures that talk about your company and what a great place it is to work.

5. Mine the data
Compile information about your job candidates to learn about which recruiting methods work and which do not. You can use tools like Google Analytics to find out what social media platforms candidates are using, how they end up at your job page and where they are located, for example.

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