Studies have shown how important it is for managers to give recognition to employees, to praise and reward their efforts for a job well done. Giving recognition is a key component of enhancing employee engagement, which is crucial to the efficiency of a company. Employees who are engaged are happier, more innovative, more productive, and stay with the employer longer. The work together more effectively as well, and share a sense of mission with the company.

Yet, in the business world today, giving this kind of praise is still all too rare. Too many employees are not getting the feedback they need and deserve, feedback that will enable them to do their jobs more effectively. Here are a few tips on giving recognition to employees.

1. Make it sincere
People can tell if you do not really believe what you are saying. You have to be sincere with your praise. It has to be honest and legitimate. An employee needs to see that you really mean it, that it comes from the heart, for it to really have an impact.

2. Make it concrete
When giving praise, you naturally need to also explain the reason why you are giving it, to describe what the employee did to merit such encomium.

Praise should also not be given out too generously or it will lose its effect. It should be reserved for those times when someone goes above and beyond the call of duty.

3. Make it timely
Recognition should coincide with the work that merited it. Delaying in giving praise will only reduce its impact. Do it right away to make it count.

4. Make it public
You can magnify the positive effect of praise by sharing it with an employee’s colleagues. It means more when a person’s peers get to see their accomplishment. A good way to share the recognition is through a department or companywide email.

Some companies also have recognition programs set up where employees receive some type of reward, again making it public.

5. Make it permanent
In other words, let employees know from the beginning of their career with the company that recognition is an integral part of the management process, and that those who excel, will receive the recognition they deserve.

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