To get the most out of your day, to work efficiently, you need to have good time management. It is essential to your ultimate success at your job. It will help you get a lot more done in less time. Here are a few good time management tips.

1. Do things in clusters or batches
There are different ways that you can do this depending on the type of activity. You can cluster things by the type of task, by time, or by energy level.

Organizing your emails all at one time is an example of clustering things by task. You are taking care of all of the same kinds of tasks in one go.

In batching by time, you set aside a certain amount of time to take care of your tasks, for example, such things as organizing your work area, inbox and filing.

In clustering by energy level, you tackle tasks that apply to your energy level. If the level is low, take care of less complicated things; if it is high, do more complex work.

2. Learn to refuse
You cannot help everyone, and you cannot manage your time effectively if you are constantly doing things for other people. If someone asks, you can respond by telling the person that you have a lot on your plate, and if you take on their assignment, you would not be able to devote the time to it that it deserves.

3. Be systematic
Develop a system for prioritizing and scheduling your tasks. Simply jotting them down on a to-do list isn’t going to help things much because it won’t tell you what you should tackle first, when, or how much time to spend on it.

It is better to use a calendar to record tasks because it gives you a time frame.

4. Get ready the day before
Prepare for the next day by doing three things – reviewing what you accomplished that day, determining what still needs to be done, and writing down the first three things you are going to tackle the next morning.

By doing this you will first start your mind subconsciously thinking about those things on your list, and second, setting out your agenda beforehand will enable you to walk away from your work and focus on other things, reducing your stress and helping you sleep better.

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