Do you find that your employees are not all that engaged with their work? They are not showing much enthusiasm and not putting in their best effort.

If so, you certainly need to address the situation. Employee engagement is important, having a direct effect on the bottom line. Engaged employees look forward to coming into work. They like the company they work for and want to make a contribution. Engaged employees are more productive, more innovative, deliver better customer service, and support the company.

If engagement is suffering, here are three ways to get it back.

1. Management self-assessment
Any effort at engagement needs to start with management because leaders set the tone. If they are not engaged, it is not likely that employees will be either. Are managers enthusiastic about their jobs? Do they look forward to coming to work, or do they spend more time than they should avoiding work?

If managers want engagement, they need to set an example. If they ask employees to work overtime, managers need to be there with them. If managers are feeling bored with their jobs, they need to find ways to get the excitement back.

2. Employee feedback
This is important for engagement. Employees need to feel that management is listening to what they have to say. When employees have a greater say in what happens at the company, they will be more engaged. Employees will be more motivated if they choose the performance incentives. If there are layoffs, employee morale will suffer less if they have some input into the process.

It is also important, however, that the company respond to the feedback, that is, follow up with some action. Otherwise, employees will feel that the company is just going through the motions and does not really value their input.

If the feedback is valuable, the company should take some action on it. If the feedback is something that cannot be used, the company should explain why it is not following up.

3. Transparency
This is another word for honesty. The company needs to be honest and open with employees about what is happening at the company. If workers are kept in the dark, it will simply increase the spread of gossip and speculation. The company needs to share bad news, be truthful, and trust that employees will understand.

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