Onboarding processes are fairly common these days. They are very effective at improving employee productivity and retention. The question is, are companies getting the most from their onboarding efforts? Are they getting the best results possible?
Here are a few tips to improve the onboarding process to ensure your company is making the most of it.

1. Give follow-up onboarding
Most companies confine their onboarding efforts to new hires. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can do onboarding when a person gets promoted or moves to a new job within the company. It doesn’t have to be as comprehensive as for a new hire, but it can help to make the transition easier.

2. Have a manager onboarding program
This is a program to train managers in how to onboard new employees properly. Most managers simply onboard new people the same way the manager was onboarded, and as a result, may not be doing it in the most effective way.

3. Begin onboarding before the first day
The company can begin the onboarding process even before new people begin working with messages welcoming them to the company, informing them who they will be working with, and what to expect during their first day and week on the job.

4. Give new employees an agenda
During their orientation, employees should receive an outline of what will happen during the entire onboarding process from start to finish, so they know what to expect.

5. Get feedback
During the onboarding process, you should, from time to time, solicit feedback from the new employees to see how things are going and how they feel about the process.

This can be done in several ways. Managers can conduct one-on-one meetings with new workers, set up focus groups of new employees, or conduct surveys. The surveys should be short – five to ten questions, and given at set intervals, or they can be one question distributed at random times.

6. Keep the onboarding programs up to date
Company policies and procedures are constantly changing. The changes need to be incorporated into the onboarding program so new hires are getting the most current information. It is not good to have the new employees hear one thing during onboarding and something different when they are working.

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