Companies today are facing a talent shortage, that is well known. Skilled workers have more options because they are more in demand. And companies are struggling to find the people with the needed skills.

Because of this situation, it is important for companies to reevaluate their recruiting methods and look at new strategies to deal with the changing circumstances. Here are some strategies to consider implementing or expanding to improve recruiting.

1. Inbound recruiting
This is a marketing process where companies look to take the lead in attracting job candidates. It is an ongoing process, a long-term solution. The first part of the process involves sourcing and attracting candidates through the use of social media, referrals, blogs and job advertisements. The second stage is where the company sells itself to the candidate through branding, online career pages, email campaigns, networking, and analytics.

2. Company branding
This is all about a company’s reputation as an employer and a good place to work, its popularity with customers and employees. These days, three-fourths of all job candidates check out a company’s reputation to decide whether to apply.

Almost 85 percent of companies surveyed said their brand has a big influence in their ability to attract skilled workers. What’s more, more than two-thirds of all workers surveyed said they would not apply to a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed.

Branding, and developing a unique brand, is important for attracting talent.

3. The candidate experience
This refers to how candidates are treated during the recruiting process. If the experience is a positive one, the candidate is more likely to take the job, even reapply later if he or she does not accept the offer, and to refer other job seekers to the company.

4. Growing the talent pool
This is where a company sets up a database to store information on all of its most promising job candidates. It makes it much easier to fill positions when there is an opening.

5. Social media
This is has become a staple of the recruiting process. Almost all employers use it for recruiting. Half of those companies surveyed said that using social media helped them to find better people. And almost three-fourths of employers surveyed said they plan to expand their social media presence.

The key today is taking full advantage of all that social media can offer in attracting job candidates, not just for posting openings, but also for searching for potential or passive job candidates and building relationships with them.

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