We all have goals for our lives. They may be goals at work, connected to our career, or personal goals. Often, however, we have trouble reaching these goals. We never seem to be making the progress we would like to make.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to take a closer look at your goals and what you are doing to achieve them. Here are some things to look at.

1. Make your goal specific and concrete
One problem may be that your goals are too vague or ambiguous. You are not quite sure what you are shooting for, and this may affect your desire to achieve the goal. And how will you know when you have achieved it?

For example, you may have set as a goal losing weight. But this is far too vague. How much weight? One pound, ten pounds? And in what time frame? A better goal would be – lose 20 pounds in two months. This is much more specific and time related. You know when you have achieved it.

2. Make it a priority
Are you giving it all you have got? Are you putting all of your effort into achieving the goal, or is it more of a half-hearted attempt? One thing to avoid is having too many goals because this just prevents you from focusing your efforts. Concentrate on one goal at a time.

3. Know when to move on
Some goals we set for ourselves are just not very realistic. But we don’t really know that until we try to achieve them. If there is a goal you have been pursuing for a long time but have not made much progress toward achieving it, it may be time to reassess the goal itself and possibly modify it or eliminate it.

4. Make it important
The goal really has to mean something to you. It has to matter in your life. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to maintain the drive and motivation you need to pursue the goal.

5. Make a plan
You have your goal, but you are only half done. You need to come up with a plan to achieve the goal, concrete steps you will take that will move you toward it. If your goal is to lose weight, what are you going to do each day to move in that direction. Are you going to consume fewer calories? How many exactly? And how do you plan to do this?

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