When you are facing a really big, complex challenge, it may look impossible to achieve. But before becoming too discouraged, the best course to take may be to break the project down into a series of small tasks, to make it more manageable. Each task then has a specific, achievable goal.

By doing this, you can reduce anxiety, make your course of action easier to figure out, and increase your chances of some quick successes along the way to your final goal, which will motivate you to keep going.

This is especially true in the business environment.  Research has shown that it is important for workers who are tackling complex problems to be able to experience success along the path to their final goal. With big, complicated projects, problems are going to arise often, and so if workers cannot experience some small achievements along the way, their morale and motivation will suffer.  So, it is important that workers be able to realize some small achievement, no matter how minor.  In fact, some business experts have argued that big, overarching goals are generally so obvious and so broad that they really don’t offer much to go on that relates to the day-to-day work to accomplish the goal.  They advise setting goals incrementally.

Even in our personal lives, setting up small goals and achieving them can be important.  We need to think about the small victories we have, not just the major ones.  An example of this involves people who are suffering from depression.  Often, their condition prevents them from following an exercise program, even though exercise has been proven to combat depression.  As a result, a goal such as working out for an hour a day can be out of reach for someone in this situation.  So, instead of trying to do everything at once, which in this case would be going to the gym, the person could break it down into more workable parts, such as taking a short walk.  Then by keeping track of the walks, and recognizing this small achievement in this way, the depressed person can build up to a workout at the gym.

These small successes are important for all of us to keep our well being on the positive side.  Studies have shown that big changes in life do not usually have effects that are lasting. But  routine boosts from our little achievements each day can have lasting effects.

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