When you need to bring temporary workers on board at your company, here are some tips to help you get the most out of them while they are on assignment with you.

1) Before you ever bring a temporary staffer to your department, make sure all the people who will be working with the individual knows a temporary is on the way. This will help you identify what exactly the person will need to accomplish while on assignment. This also will help you find out the skills the person will need to succeed in the assignment.

2) Be sure you let staff know the reason why you’re bringing temporary staff on board. Rumors of layoffs could result if you don’t. Communicate openly with your staff members and you’ll find that workers will be more open and collegiate to the temporary worker(s) as a result.

3) Once the temporary arrives, aim to give him or her as much information as you would a “regular” hire. That is, make sure the worker knows where the bathroom and break rooms are located. Fill him or her in on lunch times and other important information such as safety rules, company policies and who your key players are. Make sure the worker knows what you expect of him or her. In addition, ensure the individual knows who to go to when questions or challenges come up. Encourage the worker to ask questions.

4) Check up on your temporary staffer periodically during the assignment. This will help you keep tabs on how the worker is doing. It also lets the temporary know you think enough of him or her to stop by periodically. Remember, a well-managed worker often becomes a motivated worker and motivated workers can be good candidates for regular hire, should the need arise.

5) If the worker isn’t performing at the level you need and you sense the performance won’t improve enough, don’t hesitate to contact your staffing service. The service will work quickly to find you a replacement worker.

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