If you haven’t started participating on one or more of the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) you’re missing out on a terrific way to communicate with potential candidates and the public at large.

In fact, the days of choosing not to be on Facebook or Twitter may fast be ending because a recent study on social media by Cone Business found that:

  • 85 percent of Americans believe that companies should use social media in order to interact with potential customers.
  • 93 percent think that a business should have a presence on social media.
  • 60 percent of us interact with companies on social media sites regularly.

How can social media can help you? Let us count the ways (with the help of Susan M. Heathfield, an HR Expert Guide at Social media:

  1. Makes it easy for people to find you. You should have different profiles for your company and for yourself.
  2. Helps you keep in touch with former co-workers and friends. In fact, social media can make it very easy to get in touch with former colleagues, bosses, classmates, professional contacts, etc.
  3. Find new employees. You can post job openings that your followers will see. You can ask them to send the job posting link to their friends.
  4. Provide a place where the people who use your products/services can interact with you. This allows your customers the chance to tell you what they’re looking for, where you hit the mark and where you’re lacking. This kind of immediate two-way communication can be invaluable to your company to help it improve.
  5. LinkedIn, the more “professional” of the social media sites, can be a true wealth of sources for finding and vetting new employees. You can even set up a LinkedIn page for your company, as well as for yourself.

Winston Resources has a social media presence on several networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Is your company on these sites? How is your presence on these sites helping you recruit? We’d love to hear more; contact us today.

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