Today, hiring and keeping talented and high performing people in your company is an economic imperative.

It starts at the top with the company leadership.  Your rising stars want to know that the leadership has a direction they want to take the organization, and clear cut goals they want to reach.  The plan does not have to be a complicated one, but it should lay out where you are gong.

To spot rising stars, you have to know your employees.  You have to know if you’ve got the right people in the right place.  They really cannot reach their full potential if they are in a job they’re not suited for.

Spotting high performance people begins with the interviewing process,  When you look to hire employees, take a hard look at what you really need for the job.  Do you have a good insight into the skills, knowledge and abilities that are needed for the position?.  If you’re just going on instinct, it’s time to do a job analysis to determine exactly what is needed to do the job before you start interviewing candidates.

Also, many employers are in too much of a hurry when hiring.  You need to take the time to use an in-depth process for new hires.  There is, of course, the interview process, but also the process should include an assessment of capabilities and a job fit analysis.

To evaluate employees well and so enable managers to spot their rising stars, both managers and employees need to know going into the process what the expected outcomes are.

There are a number of ways to evaluate your employees performance.

One method is called the critical incident technique, where managers use a daily log to keep track of employee performance.  It enables the manager to record specific events and helps them to keep a record that extends back for a considerable length of time.

The checklist method uses specific standards for performance.  It usually includes about 10 to 20 different items that are evaluated.  These items are designed for the specific work situation being evaluated.  This type of assessment can be used to give a more quantifiable evaluation, where the manager assigns a numerical value to each performance standard.

Finally, another evaluation method is the  management by objective.  In this system, employees meet with their supervisors to set up specific objectives that they intend to achieve in a certain amount of time.  These objectives coincide with the organizational goals of the company.

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