If your top young talent doesn’t stay with  your company for more than a few years and you’d like to keep the brains, creativity, work ethic and chutzpah these young top guns have brought to your business, here are some tips to help you do so.

Watch your rules. Too many corporations have too many rules that, to young people, are arbitrary and fulfill no use. For example, is your Internet policy too restrictive? Many young workers use the Web to socialize, but they also look to it for research, news and networking. You may wish to rethink your Web policy and loosen the reigns a bit to allow business-related surfing, forum posting, etc. Let all employees know that use will be monitored, however.

Speaking of rules, how flexible are you regarding when work is done and how it’s done? Many top young talent work in a non-9 to 5 way. Allow your employees the option of coming in early and leaving early. Or coming in later and leaving in the evening. What is your telecommuting policy? Do you allow people the option of working from home? Try to focus more on results — so long as the work is done satisfactorily, does it really matter when it’s done or from where?

Take a look at your promotion policy. Even if you don’t feel comfortable promoting someone three years out of college to a management position, what’s wrong with giving a young top performer the opportunity to prove herself to you by allowing her to take on new responsibilities and challenges within her current role?

In fact, speaking of challenges, let your top young people take on as many as they can handle. Today’s young workers thrive in environments that offer them continuous opportunities to learn and grow through changes in projects, their role in your company, and their responsibilities.

Do you have mentors in your organization who will take the young hot shots under their wings to give advice and suggestions? If not, consider implementing such a policy. Young workers today are eager to learn and try new things. Mentors can help them focus their energies and learn from their years of experience.

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