Is this your situation? Job seekers desperate for work — any type of work — apply willy nilly to just about any job opening you have, whether they are qualified for a position or not.

Are you receiving hundreds of resumes for a handful of positions? Are you wondering how you’re going to cull through the pile, let alone find a few top candidates to invite in for an interview?

Winston Resources’ employee/resume screening services can help.

Our pre-employment screening service can go through all the resumes you receive for any position. We’ll use screening criteria you provide and will then go through the resumes  to certify candidates, making sure they are who they say they are and that they possess the skills and background you deem required for the position.
Only those candidates who meet these criteria will be forwarded on to you.

But wait, there’s more….

Winston Resources also can provide application and reference check services. We can send each candidate who passes screening an extensive written application, one that requires that they detail their full employment and education history.

We also check and confirm each reference given. If you need us to, we can conduct background and criminal checks, which can include SSN verifications, credit report and motor vehicle reports, as well as state and local criminal records.

Even though the recession is waning, the job market is taking too long to improve  and many unemployed or underemployed people are willing to work anywhere for anyone doing anything. As much as we — and you — would love to see full employment once again, too many desperate job seekers are making your job of finding great employees difficult, if not virtually impossible.

If you’re a Manhattan area company, let Winston Resources take that too-tall resume pile from off your desk (or e-mail in-basket). Contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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